Senate Hearings on Climate Bill Heat Up
The Senate's Environment and Public Works committee has begun hearings on climate legislation, and predictions of what will happen with, or without, the legislation, range from dire to apocalyptic. (NPR)

Obama Promotes Smart-Grid Projects
President Obama announced a government investment of $3.4 billion to modernize the power grid through a series of projects across the country. (The New York Times)

Congress Battles for Control of Energy Star Program
Sen. Jeff Bingham, the chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is questioning a recent administration decision that could eliminate Congress’ role in regulating energy efficiency standards for thousands of consumer products. (

Vice President Biden Unveils Plan to Expand Green Jobs and Save Energy
Energy-efficient home retrofits seen as key to economic recovery. (EcoHome)

Philly Mayor Tells Senate: Climate Bill Can Help Make Cities Greener
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter delivered the urban case for climate legislation, outlining an array of infrastructure improvements and green reforms that would be made possible by federal action to reduce carbon emissions. (Streetsblog)

States Forge Informal Agreement on Energy
Western state lawmakers say they'll work more cooperatively on a short-term regional energy strategy, finding broad agreement on a desire to permit and promote new interstate electrical transmission. (Star

Portland City Council Votes for 80% Cut in Greenhouse Gasses
The Climate Action Plan pushes the city to cut its total greenhouse gas emissions by 80% between 1990 and 2050. (The Portland Mercury)

New Tennessee Building Code Takes Aim at Energy Consumption
An effort is under way to curb the state’s energy-hogging ways with a building code that proponents say could cut consumption in homes by 30% or more. (The Leaf Chronicle)

California Funds Residential Energy Efficiency Programs
With a three-year budget of $3.1 billion for Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Diego Gas and Electric Co., and Southern California Gas Co., the state utilities commission expands energy efficiency programs from simple rebates to more holistic approaches. (Custom Home)

Idaho on the Forefront of Energy-Efficient Building Codes
Idaho builders and officials are working together to ensure that new homes meet international energy-efficiency standards, experts say. (The News Tribune)

San Mateo, Calif., Likely to Require Green Practices in New Buildings
If developers want to build in the city, they soon will likely be required to include green building elements such as low-flow toilets and non-toxic paints. (The San Mateo County Times)

New Green Building Regulations Approved for Santa Cruz, Calif.
New rules will require home building and remodeling projects in unincorporated parts of Santa Cruz County to abide by a set of green building regulations. (Pajaronian Register)

Facing Budget Shortfalls, Plano, Texas, Drops Sustainability Goal
The city has spent millions on environmental efforts in recent years, putting it on equal footing with some of the nation's greenest communities. But with Plano confronting large budget shortfalls, the City Council recently dropped the goal of promoting sustainability from its strategic plan. (The Dallas Morning News)