Building a Tiny House in her native Boise, Idaho was just the first step for Kristie Wolfe. After getting used to the more compact lifestyle, Wolfe decided to invest the money she was saving from living in a Tiny House into another, this time in Hawaii!

"Her vacation home in Hawaii cost about $11,000 to build, plus another $4,000 for flights, truck, rent and food, over a period of two months -- all of it on land that she purchased for $8,000. Most impressive of all is that she built part of it with her mom (that's one heck of a super-mom), and the interior details are creative, thoughtful, elegant, and all done on a small budget."

Her vacation home is completely off the grid, utilizing solar panels for energy and collecting rain water as the main water source. Not only is she able to enjoy a nice vacation in Hawaii, she's making money too, renting the vacation home to others while she's not there.

Check out the full article by Kimberley Mok over at TreeHugger and see photos of the completed vacation home!