Paris-based photographer Alain Delorm created a series of 13 photographs, “Murmurations,” to encapsulate the unassuming harm and beauty of the everyday object used excessively in modern society. The thirteen photographs of the ephemeral plastic sculptures depict an accumulation of plastic bags mimicking the movement of a flock of sparlings in the sky—or by definition, a murmuration. To achieve this effect, Delorm spent a year and a half individually capturing 200 different plastic bags floating in the air using a light box. Each plastic bag was then digitally duplicated and copied, totaling to 10,000 bags for each photograph, to convey the movement, texture and transparency of each bag. The entire swarms were then placed against an unspecified industrial setting, featuring wind turbines, oil rigs, and factories, to communicate that the dangers of the plastic bag is a universal one.

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