It might sound like a sci-fi phrase, but Zero Net Energy is going to be on everybody's lips soon.  A Zero Net Energy building is one that, "consumes only as much energy as it can produce by renewable methods." California building codes are already focusing on Zero Net Energy buildings, and will have complete compliance by 2020.

Steven Randal over at Houzz explains.

"Since California has at least 10 percent of the nation’s population and the ninth largest economy on the planet, its influence in this area is quickly scaling and spreading across North America. However, California codes prioritize renewable energy production last on the list of requirements that can assist with a home’s compliance. Energy consumption reductions and improved building design performance standards and technology are being phased in first."

Head on over to Houzz to see more developments surround Zero Net Energy homes and pick up some techniques on how to add more energy efficiency to new homes.  What energy saving techniques have you adopted when building new homes?  Tell us in the comments below!