Tofu, the sometimes bland sometimes amazing food touted by many as a great replacement for meat, might also just be the replacement for toxic solar cells too. Dr. Jon Major at Liverpool University recently discovered that the chemical used to make tofu could be substituted for the chemical used to manufacture solar cells. The current chemical used to make solar cells, cadmium chloride, is expensive to produce and toxic. The chemical in Tofu, magnesium chloride, is the exact opposite.

"Magnesium chloride is also safe to produce, and costs only $0.001 per gram as compared to $0.3, which is the cost of producing cadmium chloride. According to Dr. Major, the only way for renewable energy to compete with fossil fuels is by lowering the cost of harvesting it. This was also the key aim of his research."

The introduction of magnesium chloride also increases the efficiency of the energy cells. Check out the full article from Christine Walsh over on Jetson Green.