Montana-based company Montainer is not new to the shipping container business, but they've just created a new process for customer ordering that could revolutionize the way these small, sustainable units are bought. The company's first prefabricated container model, the Nomad 192, can be assembled on-site in as little as a day, and costs just $65,000.

A new, high-performance and low-hassle home has a lot of alluring qualities. The Nomad 192, while sticking to its original shipping container structure, is designed to be an efficient and elegant small home. The container itself has closed-cell spray foam insulation added to ensure the home is well-insulated and either side at the center is cut to include large french windows that allow maximization of natural light. Either end is made into a barn door that gives more ways to bring nature in, but also provide an added layer of security. The interior design of the home makes best use of the small space without leaving much to be desired. The home comes complete with appliances, cabinetry, and furniture.

While the shipping container lifestyle may not be for everyone, products like Montainer's Nomad 192 offer a sustainable option for second or summer homes, a guesthouse, or temporary dwellings needed during development or after a disaster. The prefab design is made to meet all standard residential building codes and is inspected before delivery.

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