THE DATA MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE AND ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT.ORG launched a joint initiative to develop a strategic approach for data center greening. The Green Data Project ( is an international online community, resource site and Web publication focused on managing electronic data to reduce electrical power demands in corporate information technology. Jon William Toigo, founder of the Data Management Institute and, says: “There are many green initiatives within the industry today, but almost all of them are advancing tactical measures involving hardware technologies rather than strategic approaches focused on archive and data management. Green IT must begin with green data.” Citing statistics performed by Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, Calif., Toigo says only about 30 percent of hard-disk space actually is hosting business-relevant and frequently accessed information. An additional 40 percent may be maintained for regulatory or historical reasons but rarely is accessed, so it could be placed into an archive that uses little or no electricity. Toigo contends the project is the first international collaboration between vendors and consumers, and it will develop guidelines and best practices for use by companies that are serious about data-center-operations greening. For more information, contact