In a recent poll, we asked EcoHome readers their opinions about performance-based field-testing. Most readers believe it’s important and should be part of future codes and standards. Here’s more on what respondents had to say:

  • 89.6% of respondents believe that field-testing such as blower-door, duct-blaster, or infrared scanning is important to substantiate green building claims.

  • 46.3% of respondents currently conduct field-testing for green building projects; 23.9% plan to in the future.

  • 80.3% of respondents would like to see performance-based requirements standardized in a national program or green building code.

  • Among the other results: 45.7% of respondents participate in a national, regional, or local green building program; 32.1% plan to in the future. Of those who do not participate, 28.6% believe the program in their area is not effective.