BuzziSpace makes flexible office spaces from foam materials that aim to spark innovation. The Belgian company designs for both function and comfort with recycled products. Some products from BuzziSpace include a flexible cubicle, the Buzziville, which is set up in movable pieces so teams can work together or individually. Another piece, the BuzziVille Cocoon, is a meeting space that mitigates noise through foam walls. This alternative is much simpler than a new conference room to meet the needs of a new start-up or a growing company. Company owner Tom Van Dessel notes, “while there is debate about open offices versus closed spaces, we see the possibility of both. There is no ‘either or’, it is more about how it is executed.”

The environmentally-conscious design gives BuzziSpace an upper edge by appealing to trendy companies committed to being green. The products are made sustainability from foam, wood, and aluminum materials used are sourced from Belgium and the Netherlands. The aluminum corners and hooks have a high content of recycled aluminum and are also 100% recyclable. The CME 35H foam is also made of recycled material. A downside is that the foam used cannot be recycled again, though it does at least extend the lifespan of it. “Beyond the problem-solving aspect of our designs, we want to be as sustainable as possible,” says Van Dessel. “This fall, we’ve started to renovate an old mill in High Point, North Carolina. We will start making furnishings out of that space next year. At that point, we’ll make furniture for the US from the US, and for Europe from Europe.”

Since Buzzispace first began marketing products a few years ago, the company's designs already appear in some big name office with Facebook and Google among the corporate giants that have BuzziSpace pieces. “Looking at the way we work now—from start-ups to big brands—we design products that are flexible enough allow for a range of activities. When we design, we consider needs for both concentration and collaboration,” says Van Dessel.

With evolving office layouts and spaces that require meeting needs ranging from traditional expansion to a primarily digital team that infrequently meets in person, sustainable, flexible office products like BuzziSpace are a solution to limitations of the static office.