Who renovates for sustainability and who is most motivated by increasing the value in their home? As moving patterns change, with baby boomers more likely to stay put than millennials, trends in remodeling for efficiency and sustainability (rather than just investment in home value) are changing, too.

According to newly released data from Houzz, generational trends that generally put millennials ahead of other generations in sustainably-minded decision-making are reversed in renovation. According to the 2014 Houzz & Home Survey, they are the generation more likely to move within five years, and remodel to increase the price tag. Millennials are also less invested in their homes in general, and less critical of home health. The 2014 Houzz Healthy Homes Trends Study found 41% of boomers determined their home is not healthy compared to 29% of millennials. Part of this is due to the younger generation being more mobile and ready to take risks.

A positive trend toward sustainability among all age groups comes from the 2014 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, which indicates a general interest in stronger, durable materials.

Energy efficiency, however, is not as high in interest for remodeling as one might hope. Steve Cemino reports for ARCHITECT:

When the Houzz & Home Survey asked homeowners what motivated their most recent remodeling project, “Improving the look and feel of the space” and “Making the space more functional” far surpassed “Making home more energy efficient.” In fact, only 29 percent of millennials surveyed and 30 percent of all U.S. homeowners chose energy efficiency as pertinent in that regard.

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