Shipping containers are changing the landscape of shopping. Unlike the traditional mall, stacking shipping containers like massive Legos allows for much more flexibility of space, ease of construction, and lower rents for commercial tenants.

Hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are used weekly to transport goods worldwide. Cities worldwide have already found a way to reuse them by stacking them together into shopping centers. BoxPark in London, for example, is a hot spot for fashionistas ans uses retrofitted containers.

At the Re:START Container Mall in Christchurch, New Zealand, Crafted coffee company has welded together several to create a coffee house with ample seating.

Finally, in San Francisco, the Yard at Mission Rock is an incubator located behind AT&T Park also make of stacked containers.

Their space makes them ideal for small pop up shops and food vendors that don't need a lot of space, but benefit from using a longer and metal exterior. 

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