When your water bill comes, nothing is more depressing than seeing a much higher price than usual, a common signifier of a leak. Luckily, an entrepreneurial property owner decided to stem the flow with a tech-filled meter that can catch leaks soon after they appear.

"A simple retrofit installation, H20 Pro doesn’t require cutting into pipes and is designed to be flexible, to work with pipes of various sizes and materials. Sensors clamped onto the pipe’s exterior monitor water flow. Then, the device is plugged into AC power and uses either a Wi-Fi or cellular signal to upload data to the dashboard."

The property owners can set certain thresholds, and if water usage ever exceeds that threshold, an alert is sent out and the property owner can investigate and stop the leak.

But leaks aren't the only culprits of water waste, and during the development of H20 Pro, inventor and property owner Colin Hirdman identified and developed a solution for the biggest offender, toilets.

Head on over to Multifamily Executive to see what Hirdman developed for toilets and how both of his products work in concert to save money and more importantly, save water.