Starting this year, the government of Jordan will begin outfitting mosques with solar power systems. With more than 6,000 mosques in the country, this plan will help reduce strain on the country's already stressed energy grid. But more than just saving money and energy, writer Sami Grover over at TreeHugger argues that this could shift social thought on solar energy.

"Just like when a church goes solar, or when the World Council of Churches divests from fossil fuels, the immense symbolism and cultural influence of religious authorities can be used to set the tone for how we think about energy and the world around us. Indeed, the push for solar mosques coincided with a campaign to promote solar on residential rooftops too."

Minds are a tough thing to change, but a large religious community adopting solar energy could cause a big shift. Could there be a solar surge on the horizon? Check out all the rest of the details over on TreeHugger.