Built in Romania and awaiting Passive House standard certification, the Passive House Che is a stunning combination of sustainable energy techniques.  Built in a stylish, two-story design, the house contains an indoor lawn and has a green roof to help insulate the house.  Christine Walsh over on Jetson Green took a detailed look at the house and all of its energy saving designs.

"The main aim of the project was to create a sustainable, two-story home which would blend into its forest surroundings. The house is bigger than one has come to expect from a sustainable building, and measures 2,700 square feet (250 square meters). The living quarters are built around a central courtyard, which is where the interior lawn is located. Over this lawn hangs an aptly named “net-lounge”, which is basically a large net hammock suspended over the courtyard where the inhabitants can relax. The home was also fitted with large floor to ceiling windows and doors which let in plenty of natural daylight and offer great ventilation."

Not only is the house energy efficient, it also has an intriguing design.  Head on over to Jetson Green to read up on all of the energy sustaining techniques built into it, and see some great photos.