The Home Depot has teamed up with Southwest Windpower, a leading manufacturer of personal wind generators, to make the SkyStream 3.7 wind turbine available for purchase at select locations throughout the western United States.

SkyStream initially will be sold at various stores in Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and California. Southwest Windpower hopes to expand the program at a later date to windy locations throughout the country. A list of Home Depot stores taking part in the program can be found online.

Southwest Power has been making small wind turbines (400-3,000 watts) for more than two decades and has done business in more than 120 countries. Company CEO Dixon Thayer believes the SkyStream 3.7, which can produce up to 400 kWh of electricity per month, advances its goals of making green energy available to more people. "We are excited to help residential and commercial customers take advantage of their area's exceptional wind resource by using Skystream 3.7 to produce clean, emissions-free energy."