Between high speed rail, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and hyped walkability, U.S. cities have no shortage of proposed plans for greener forms of transit. While some are feasible than others, many ideas for green mass transit not only focus on getting people places they need to go with a smaller carbon footprint, but much faster.

According to a recent article from Gothamist, the latest in creative green transit proposals is the East River Skyway, a high-speed gondola that would act as a midair ferry connecting New York City boroughs. Proposed by CityRealty’s president Dan Levy, the Skyway would include three phases of installation that connect the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamburg, Dumbo and Greenpoint with Manhattan’s Lower East Side, South Street Seaport and eventually the UN building in Midtown East. One phase includes extensions to Roosevelt Island and Long Island City, Queens.

The Skyway plans predict it could ferry up to 5,000 passengers per hour in both directions, taking a significant portion of commuter burden off of the L train, currently one of New York’s notoriously overcrowded subway lines.  Travel time would enable passengers to get from borough to borough in 12 minutes or less, currently a near impossible task short of an MTA miracle or 3AM cab ride. Additionally, the East River Skyway boasts social and environmental sustainability as it is three times safer than bus or rail and free of emissions.

The article includes this summary comparing travel times on the Skyway with other current transit options:

If the enticing qualities of the Skyway prove accurate in application the increased speed in inter-borough travel could entice car commuters to look to mass transit, marking a small but important step toward a greener New York.

Read more about the East River Skyway on Gothamist.

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