Serosun Farms is a home conservation development, about 50 miles from downtown Chicago, that offers residents the chance to farm their own food and even restores wildlife to the area. MarketWatch staffer Amy Hoak takes a look at this and other agrihoods which have grown in popularity since the recession thanks to the benefits that they offer.

One reason for this proliferation of popularity is the people's desire for locally grown food and another is the sense of community that they foster:

“There’s a harkening back to the way we used to live, or how neighborhoods used to be,” said Monica Olsen, spokeswoman for Serenbe, an established agrihood in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga. Serenbe also has an outdoor theater, restaurants, shopping and art galleries; it hosts various events, including culinary workshops. Aside from virtual connections on Facebook, “we’ve forgotten how to have community,” she said.

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