Preparing for a Flood of Energy Efficiency Spending
The money in the stimulus bill is enough to pay for a tremendous expansion of efficiency efforts across the country. But the efficiency plan is creating tension between spending the money quickly, to get rapid economic stimulus, and spending it well, to do the most good over the long run. (The New York Times)

Obama Stresses Energy Investment but Policy Battles Loom
President Obama devoted a major chunk of Tuesday’s speech before Congress to expanding investment in alternative energy and efficiency, but steered clear of looming Capitol Hill battles that go far beyond how much money to spend and where. (The New York Times)

Environmental Experts Respond to Obama’s Speech
A roundup of blogosphere commentary on Obama’s Tuesday address, regarding energy and environmental concerns. (U.S. News and World Report)

Expert Says Water Efficiency Is Key to Saving Energy
Some of the cheapest greenhouse gas emission reductions available seem to be not energy-efficiency programs, but water-efficiency programs. (Greener Buildings News)

Green Support Remains, LEED Interest Slips
The commercial real estate and construction industries continue to overwhelmingly support green building, but support for official LEED certification has slipped, according to the third annual Allen Matkins/CTG/Green Building Insider Green Building Survey. (

Green Auditor Gets a Welcome Boost From Obama Stimulus Plan, Other Factors
Growing interest in, and funding for, upgrading homes helps Pennsylvania builder bounce back. (Lancaster News Era)

Green Transmission Superhighway Needed for Renewable Energy to Reach Full Potential
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) have released a white paper titled "Green Power Superhighways: Building a Path to America's Clean Energy Future," detailing current inadequacies of the U.S. electric transmission infrastructure and offering policy solutions to address them. Inadequate transmission capacity is a significant barrier to renewable energy development in the U.S. (