Green Legislative Update
A roundup of local, state, and federal legislation and government news affecting green home building. (EcoHome Online)

Local Green Alliance Educates Homeowners
When you think about the houses of the Hamptons on New York's Long Island, "green" or "sustainable" are likely not the first ideas that spring to mind. But one newly formed local organization aims to help the area's high-end homeowners green their luxurious houses. (Custom Home Online)

LG Refrigerators Suspended From Energy Star Program
In a joint agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy, LG Electronics has voluntarily suspended 10 of its refrigerator models from the Energy Star program. (EcoHome Online)

White Paper Explores the True Costs of Green Homes
In a recently released white paper, Oakland, Calif., architect Michelle Kaufmann outlines the cost benefits of owning a green-built home and encourages the housing industry to change how home costs are evaluated and presented to homeowners. (Custom Home Online)

Green Building Demands Knowledge Most Builders Don't Have 
As environmentally friendly construction takes off, a question looms: Who's going to do all the work? (The Wall Street Journal)

Portland, Ore., Scales Back Green Building Plan
Opposition from hurting builders has led Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman to tone down part of a green building plan that affected housing. (AP)

Obama Embraces ‘Green Path’ in Economic Stimulus Plan
President-Elect Barack Obama is considering a stimulus package that will include a heavy dose of spending on environmentally friendly projects aimed at creating green-collar jobs and saving energy. (Bloomberg)