Green-Wood Lumberyards Out on a Limb
The economic downturn has softened demand for sustainable timber, squeezing ecologically minded nonprofits and the small mills that rely on it. (The Wall Street Journal)

North Carolina Counties Pitch Green Home Loans
Asheville and Buncombe county officials are considering low-interest loan programs that would let home and business owners leverage the value of their property and use the money to make energy efficiency upgrades. (The Citizen-Times)

Body Heat: Sweden's New Green Energy Source
Using excess body heat to warm a building is not a new concept, but Stockholm has taken the idea a step further by successfully transferring excess body heat from one building to another. (Time)

Chicago Suburb Approves Nation's First Offshore Wind Farm
The Evanston City Council will move forward on a proposal to place 40 wind turbines on Lake Michigan, putting the region in the running to have the first offshore wind farm in the United States. (Housing Watch)

Fewer Canadians Greening Their Homes
Some cite financial issues such as less income or a need to economize, new survey results suggest. (Winnipeg Free Press)

The South Could Save Billions With Energy Efficiency
Energy-efficiency measures in the southern United States could save consumers $41 billion on their energy bills, open 380,000 new jobs, and save 8.6 billion gallons of water over the next 10 years, finds research from Duke University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. (Environment News Service)

Home Star One Step Closer to Reality
Proposed legislation to provide rebates for home efficiency upgrades, now moving forward in both the House and Senate, aims to put thousands of contractors back to work. (EcoHome)

California Solar Home to be First with Battery Technology
Lancaster, Calif., home will be a test case for a first-of-its-kind residential solar system with backup battery technology. (EcoHome)

Solar Fire Raises Questions About Panel Safety
A small house fire caused by a solar panel in San Diego last week exposed a potentially dangerous flaw in the building codes of many cities across California, which is pushing for tens of thousands of homeowners to install the generating systems on their rooftops. (North County Times)

Massachusetts Super-Insulation Project Reveals Impressive Results
Duplex home's heating oil usage dropped 68% to just 350 gallons annually after energy-efficient retrofit. (Builder)

Comprehensive IAQ for Homes Program Launched
The new Indoor airPLUS for Homes guidelines teach best practices for constructing homes with healthy indoor air quality. (Custom Home)

Home Energy Labels Take Root
The federal government is considering a national building energy performance labeling program, but builders in Oregon are already getting firsthand experience with voluntary home energy performance scoring. (Custom Home)