AGC Plan Designed to Protect Environment, Boost Construction Industry
A green construction plan released on Earth Day by the Associated General Contractors of America details how the nation's buildings and infrastructure can become more efficient, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting energy consumption. (

Houses of the Future Will Be All About Energy
The American house of 2020 will likely be smaller, smarter, more urban, and efficient. (USA Today)

Commentary: At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business
Many groups now accept money from corporations or partnering with them to change social behavior. (The New York Times)

Earth Advantage Institute Looks to Earth Day 2020
The green building certification group looks at green building expectations for the next decade. (

DOE Announces $30 Million to Accelerate Weatherization Innovation
The agency announced on Earth Day that it will provide up to $30 million to fund a new pilot program to accelerate innovations in whole-house weatherization technologies and services. (EERE News)

Commentary: What's Happened to Earth Day?
Earth Day is 1,001 events—possibly more—of every conceivable description, from the ridiculous to the sublime. (

The Business View of Earth Day
To get a look at how Earth Day celebrations take shape on the ground, GreenBiz turned to a group of executives and thought leaders in the area of corporate environmental strategy and performance. (

Commentary: Is Earth Day Green Marketing Overkill?
Forget the hype, sustainable home building celebrates the earth every day. (EcoHome)

Vice President Biden Kicks Off New Energy Efficiency Effort
Austin, Philadelphia, and Seattle are among 25 communities that will receive funding from the $425 million Recovery Act to be used for energy efficiency retrofits for commercial buildings and houses. (EcoHome)

D.C.’s Climate Rally to Bring Out Stars, Activists 
Sting, John Legend, the Roots, Bob Weir, and Joss Stone will take to the National Mall Sunday as featured music entertainment for the Climate Rally, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. (The Washington Examiner)