N.Y. Contractors Lobby for Loans for Efficiency Improvements
Local energy efficiency contractors are asking state legislators to pass a bill that they say would make it easier for families to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes. (The Syracuse Post-Standard)

Study: Green Too Fringe for Mainstream
New research from OgilvyEarth found 82% of Americans have good green intentions, while only 16% of Americans are firmly dedicated to fulfilling those green intentions. (Jetson Green)

Living Future Institute Unveiled
At its fifth annual Living Future conference Thursday, the International Living Building Institute announced it will take on a new name and consolidate the Cascadia Green Building Council, Natural Step Network USA, Ecotone Publishing, and the Living Building Challenge within its operations. (Sustainable Business Oregon)

Climate Laws Gain Currency in Major World Economies
A new study released by Globe International, a coalition of legislators from around the world, found that climate change is featuring prominently on the legislative agenda across 16 major economies. (Green Biz)

“Sustainapalooza” Seen as Unqualified Success
The Louisiana event was filled with vendors of energy-efficient products and ways to make homes and businesses healthier. (The News Star)

Lenders, Appraisers Catching Up with Green Homes
The need for green lending products and proper appraisals is the driving force behind a new market niche that caters to those who want to make their homes more energy-efficient. (Fox Business)

GSA To Test 16 Sustainable Technologies
The Green Proving Ground program will determine the most effective technologies to be replicated on a wider scale throughout GSA’s inventory. (Eco-Structure)