Architects Envision the Green House of the Future
Four leading architects design energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable houses--without regard to cost, technology, or aesthetics. (The Wall Street Journal)

Big Apple HVAC Contractors Get Boost
The federal stimulus package and the city's ambitious green building initiative should provide a jobs bonanza for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialists. (The New York Times)

Green Building Center Moves Forward
In a unique partnership with the California State Parks system, Built Green Santa Barbara is opening a resource center that will offer a plethora of information on green building techniques. (The Daily Sound)

Philadephia Mayor Envisions Green City by 2015
"Greenworks Philadelphia" identifies 15 goals the administration hopes to reach by 2015, including open, public spaces and stores and markets near every neighborhood. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

New Development Has Green Focus
A new 49-lot Illinois development by Trumpet Builders of Festus, Mo., will offer residents a neighborhood built with the environment and energy efficiency in mind. (Belleville News-Democrat, Ill.)

Redford Against Green Housing Development
Sustainable growth proponent Robert Redford is opposed to an eco-friendly housing development planned near his home in Napa Valley, Calif. (The New York Times)

ANSI Works Toward Improving Product Standards
More than 340 people took part in ANSI's recent workshop, "Toward Product Standards for Sustainability," in an effort to come to consensus on what's needed to improve and develop standards focused on sustainability issues. (GreenBiz)

Eco Jobs in Demand
“Green jobs” means different things to different people. (Reuters)

Energy 101: What Is a Smart Grid?
A smart grid is essentially a modernization of the transmission and distribution aspects of the electrical grid, making it easier to deliver alternative energy sources like wind and solar from rural installations to city centers. (Inhabitat)