California’s Building Codes Make No Provision for Straw Bale
Nevertheless, more Americans are becoming aware of the fact that straw is, in many ways, an ideal building material.  (The Economist)

Green Building Up While Construction is Down
Even during harsh conditions for construction in general, green building companies are able to distinguish themselves from and out pace conventional competitors. (Sustainable

California Company Employs Novel Way to Make Thin-Film Solar
Applied Quantum Technology is one of a score of startups trying to develop low-cost solar cells made from copper indium gallium (di)selenide, a compound that can be printed or deposited on glass or flexible materials. (The New York Times)

Interview with Prefab Pioneer Michelle Kaufmann 
Green prefab home builders represent a tiny segment of the construction market, but with their focus on sustainability and affordability, they offer the prospect of  mass  eco-friendly production. Still, Kaufmann says volume remains challenging. (The New York Times)

Green Costs Not Always Included in Appraisal
Potential purchasers of environmentally friendly homes are finding that it isn't always easy to get them appraised correctly and financed. (The Christian Science Monitor)

A Legacy of Katrina: Green Homes
In New Orleans, hundreds of state-of-the-art sustainable, energy-efficient homes are being built in lower-income neighborhoods, a trend that's outpacing most of the rest of the country. (USA Today)

Studies Suggest Eco-Friendly Property Sells Faster and for More
Green buildings are outselling the rest of the real estate market in some parts of the U.S., according to new research. (Property Wire)

GE makes LED Replacement for 40-Watt Bulb
The Energy Smart LED bulb puts out 450 lumens--about the same output as a 40-watt incandescent--while consuming 9 watts and is designed to disperse light more evenly than typical LED lights. (Cnet)

Google, Others Urge White House Summit on Home Energy Use
Two dozen companies, including Google and AT&T, joined environmental groups in urging President Obama to hold a White House summit on lowering home energy use. (USA Today)

Frustrations Plague Texas Appliance Rebate Program
Texans hoping to reserve a rebate on energy-efficient appliances were greeted with busy signals and timed-out Internet connections immediately after the reservation period opened, and all available rebate money was committed before the end of the first day. (The Houston Chronicle)

Connecticut Mulls Rollback on Clean Energy
The state could roll back its renewable portfolio standard, which is the amount of electricity that, by state mandate, must come from renewable sources. (The New York Times)

New Green Building Products Raise Construction Defect Concerns
New insurance products to protect innovative green construction products such as wind turbines, fuel cells, and vegetative roofs are on the rise. But the newer and more sophisticated the green products and technologies, the greater the uncertainty about the risks. (Insurance Journal)

Feds: Rip Out Problem Chinese Drywall
All the science isn't complete, but government agencies say drywall, electrical components, and fire and carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced in homes with the problem drywall. (Builder)

Measure to Accelerate Solar Power in Maryland Rankles Some Lawmakers
The state is moving to require utility companies to accelerate their use of solar power, an idea rankling some lawmakers who are concerned that an impractical quota would needlessly raise the price consumers pay for electricity. (The Baltimore Sun)

Energy Star in Harsh Media Spotlight
Government investigation finds EPA program’s certification process “vulnerable to fraud and abuse.” (EcoHome)