Unabated Use of Groundwater Threatens Arizona's Future
Thirty years after Arizona tried to stop cities and towns from using up their groundwater, the state still can't shake its thirst for one of its most finite resources. (AZ Central)

Oregon Cowboy Town Promotes Solar Energy
A farm town known most for its annual roundup offers no-interest loans for solar systems. (AP)

Australian Architect Offers Free Downsize With Every McMansion
Sydney-based Mathieu Gallois wants to take large, environmentally unfriendly housing behemoths and use the materials to build smaller, more eco-friendly and cost-effective homes. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Washington Area Going Green at the Office, Not at Home
Three-fourths of new environmentally friendly construction in the nation’s capital between 2003 and 2009 was for office and mixed-use space; residential green building, in contrast, made up only 2%, a new report says. (The Washington Examiner)

Home Depot Steers Money to Help Veterans
The Home Depot Foundation is refocusing its giving on veterans' organizations and rehabilitating houses, a change for the philanthropic arm of the home improvement retailer. The company is ending relationships with some organizations, like The Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Green Building Council, to redirect money to its new cause. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

New U.K. Energy Saving Labels Hit Stores in June
It is hoped that the labels will help consumers choose more energy-efficient appliances and reduce their carbon emissions when using washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. (Energy Saving News)

Rand Paul Crusades Against Energy Efficiency Standards
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, famous for working across party lines, faced heavy resistance yesterday from Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky as it marked up its first legislation of the new Congress. (The New York Times)

K. Hovnanian’s Energy-Efficient Homes Put Money Where Their Mouths Are
Next Monday, Hovnanian Enterprises will update the website that promotes its high-performance homes to include community-by-community estimated annual savings from energy-efficient features built into those homes. (Builder)

Wisconsin Utilities Debut New Homes Program
The statewide Focus on Energy New Homes Program pairs local builders with leading energy experts in order to construct new homes that are safer, more durable, and 10% to 100% more efficient than typical homes. (PR Newswire)

NAHB Green Conference to Kick Off With Building Tour
Local green building projects will open their doors during the National Green Building Conference in Salt Lake City. (EcoHome)

Hanley Wood Business Media Announces the Third Annual Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing
The 2011 Hanley Award winner will receive a $50,000 grant for demonstrating extraordinary, lasting, and far-reaching contributions to the advancement of sustainable housing. (EcoHome)