Plans for Eco-Friendly Home Shattered by Developers
A UK couple's plans to build a solar-powered home in the Cotswolds have been left in ruins after developers built new houses that blocked out their sunlight. (The Telegraph)

After Katrina, New Orleans Housing Goes Green
The city is now an incubator for new home building featuring natural resources and sustainable architecture. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Report: Green Building Helps Rhode Island’s Economy
By embracing sustainability, affordable housing developers are not only reducing the energy bills of future occupants, they’re helping the state’s economy, according to a new study. (The Providence Journal)

4 Solar Power Rebates You May Not Know About
Learn about some of the current programs that apply to solar technology. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Chicago’s ComEd to Install Solar Panels in “Innovation Corridor”
Nine communities are serving as testing grounds for smart devices and infrastructure the utility hopes to apply across the areas it serves. (The Chicago Tribune)

U.S. Energy Appetite Trimmed in 2009
Americans are using less energy overall and availing themselves of more renewable energy sources, a report says. (UPI)

Home Energy Performance Audits Made Easier
A new application for iPad and iPhone helps architects, builders, and homeowners evaluate home efficiency and energy ratings. (Custom Home)