Some Buildings Not Living Up to Green Label
Builders covet LEED certification, but the gap between design and construction, which LEED certifies, and how some buildings actually perform led the program last week to announce that it would begin collecting information about energy use from all the buildings it certifies. (New York Times)

Pennsylvania University Welcomes Future Green Architects
Marywood University, one of only a handful of architecture schools in the country that focuses on green design, opened its doors this week to its first batch of 50 students. (The Times Leader)

Arizona Habitat Is First Non-Profit to Achieve LEED-Platinum
The Glendale, Ariz., home features passive solar techniques and Energy Star windows, and saves dramatically on water and utility bills. (The Arizona Republic)

Katrina’s Aftermath May be a Sustainable Construction Industry
New Orleans' green building infrastructure has made significant strides since getting a jumpstart from Hurricane Katrina, according to local environmental advocates and home builders. (The Times-Picayune)

Federal Officials Praise Kansas City’s Green Impact Zone
The 150-block area is targeted for home weatherization on a massive scale, bus rapid transit, and more sustainable energy approaches. (

USGBC Initiative Expands LEED for Homes Resources
HBA of Greater Dallas, Minnesota GreenStar to take part in new green affiliate program. (EcoHome)