Green Homes Haiti-Bound
A Portland, Ore., startup plans to construct up to 10,000 low-cost homes in Haiti during the next year, using all-recyclable panels and employing thousands of Haitians. (Oregon City News)

15,000-Square-Foot Carbon Neutral Home Planned for San Francisco
Six years after beginning the approval process, it appears that a 15,240-square-foot carbon-neutral house near the San Francisco Bay will get the go-ahead from the Marin County Planning Commission soon, but some neighbors remain unconvinced that such a big house can actually be good for the environment. (The New York Times)

Nonprofits Lobbying for Climate Bill 
Environmental activists are ratcheting up the pressure this summer on senators who punted on a sweeping climate and energy bill despite slim chances that broad legislation will pass this year. (The New York Times)

Kansas Student-Built Homes Idle in Down Market
Like other home sales around the country, sales of energy-efficient homes built by students in a University of Kansas architecture class have been affected by the sluggish economy. (Lawrence Journal World)

Connecticut Builders Seeing Increase in Green Projects
In a recent local survey, 85% of builder respondents said they use green building practices in some capacity and 60% said their clients request green products in their building or remodeling projects. (

Free Solar Panels for 2.5 Million UK Households
HomeSun, a British solar company, has announced that it will spend $1.6 billion on a free solar panel giveaway to British households. (CalFinder)

Appliance Makers Craft Energy Efficiency Incentives
The U.S. appliance industry and energy conservation advocates have devised a set of standards and incentives aimed at accelerating the development of more energy-efficient models. (Dow Jones Newswires)

12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Green Building Product
A green building product better begin as a good product. Here’s what to look for before diving deeper into a product’s green claims. (EcoHome)

Web-Based Materials Reuse Exchange Launches
Similar to Craigslist or eBay, the C&D Material Trader Network allows building pros to buy, sell, and donate salvaged and surplus materials. (Custom Home)