NAHB Surpasses 1,000 Certified Green Professionals
The NAHB announced it has certified more than 1,000 builders, remodelers, and other industry members under its Certified Green Professional (CGP) educational designation. The figure is more than double the association's initial goal of 500 designees in the program's first year. (EcoHome Online)

Olympic Village Earns LEED-Gold
The Beijing Olympic Village, the complex of 42 high rises where 16,000 athletes from around the world live while competing in the Games, was certified LEED gold. Highlights include solar power and geothermal heat pumps. (AP)

Green Mortgages Receive Boost From Housing Act
Section 2902 of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act requires the secretary of HUD to develop recommendations to eliminate the barriers to the use of energy-efficient mortgages, including the lack of accessible information and a shortage of certified home energy rating services. (The Daily Green) 

Texas to Build Wind Power Superhighway 
Texas, already the nation's leader in wind energy, has been given a preliminary go-ahead to allocate $4.9 billion toward building new transmission lines to carry wind energy from rural areas into urban hubs like Dallas. (Inhabitat)

Federal Lab Breaks Efficiency Record With "Mismatched" Solar Cell
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory says it has created a solar cell that can convert a record 40.8% of the sunlight that reaches it into electricity. (GreenTechMedia)

EPA Provides $500,000 to Green Brownfields
Sixteen projects nationwide will share more than $500,000 in technical assistance from the EPA's program to green brownfields. (GreenBiz)

Washington Issues New Storm-Water Rules
Washington State's Pollution Control Hearings Board issued a ruling to rewrite regulations governing storm-water control in the biggest cities and counties in the western part of the state, a move that will impact how everything from houses to shopping centers is developed. (Seattle Times) 

On the Trail of Elusive Carbon Footprint 
Carbon calculators help consumers understand how they contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and can lead to reductions. Problem is, online calculators offer wildly varying estimates. (Chicago Tribune) 

Heat Pumps Win Fans
Like other energy alternatives, ground-source heat pumps have won new admirers as energy costs have skyrocketed. (New York Times)