Economy Squeezes Solar Installation
After two years of unprecedented growth, sales of residential solar systems have nose-dived 75% in the past three months in the face of the current economic downturn. (EcoHome)

Builders Go Lean as Buyers Seek Smaller Homes
The era of “bigger is better” in home building has ended, says Nashville builder Randy Chastain, president of Parkside Homes. (Nashville Business Journal)

Demand Dims for Energy-Efficient Homes
With the cost of oil plunging and home prices falling, low-energy housing developments around the country have stalled. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Look for Eco-Friendly Trends to Take Off in 2009
Green building blends concerns for health, the planet, and--in these economically challenged times--the wallet. (Baltimore Sun)

Grand Rapids Continues Green Dominance
Grand Rapids, Mich., leads the nation in the number of LEED-certified buildings per capita, and more are on the way. (Western Michigan Business Review)

Green Jobs Compete for Stimulus Aid
Environmentalists are trying to shift the priorities of President-Elect Obama’s economic stimulus plan away from traditional infrastructure spending to more projects that create "green-collar" jobs. (Washington Post)

Wells Fargo Tops Green Financing Plans
Wells Fargo & Co.'s environmental financing has exceeded $3 billion, well past its goal of providing $1 billion in commitments to earth-friendly projects. (GreenBiz)

Energy Star Water Heaters Now Available
Energy Star label now offered on every major appliance category in American homes. (Department of Energy)