Economic Stimulus Package Offers Work for Remodelers, Tax Credits and Rebates for Homeowners
Bill signed by President Obama could pump billions into the remodeling market. (EcoHome)

Centex Homes Rolls Out Energy-Efficient Houses in Three Markets
Energy Advantage homes in Austin, Houston, and Charlotte are 22% more efficient than houses built to code, builder says. (EcoHome)

Taking Liberties With LEED
Misrepresenting the LEED moniker in real estate materials is a form of greenwashing—and the practice is getting more rampant. (The New York Times)

Can One Household Save the Planet?
It would be easy to assume that one household is but a drop in the green bucket behavior is irrelevant in the face of a warming planet. . But many climate-change activists are far less dismissive of individual action, arguing that even small changes can have a real impact. (The Washington Post)

North Carolina Utility to Test Energy Management Systems
Duke Energy seeking state O.K. for a 200-home test of a system that will let customers better gauge and adjust electricity use. (The Charlotte Observer)

Central Florida Water Grid Plan Carries Big Price, Big Controversy
Central Florida utility managers have begun circulating long-term proposals to lay hundreds of miles of interconnected pipelines that could cross nine counties to satisfy growing demand for drinkable water. (Florida Times-Union)

Kohler Launches Water Conservation Site
Kitchen and bath fixture manufacturer Kohler Co. began an Internet campaign dedicated to teaching homeowners how to conserve water. (Custom Home)

Economy Could Help Environment, Architects Say
The troubled economy might actually help lead to more environmentally friendly building practices in the future, according to a couple of architects. (St. Charles Sun)

Senate Majority Leader Pushing for Climate Change Bill
Saying it's time to "take a whack" at climate change, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he plans to push for Senate action on global warming by the end of summer. (AP)

L.A. to Green Streetlights in the Largest LED Retrofit to Date
Los Angeles' 140,000 streetlight fixtures will be replaced with LED units over the next five years with help from the Clinton Climate Initiative in the most extensive municipal green lighting retrofit thus far. (GreenBiz)

Federal Leadership Needed for Grid Development
Federal leadership is needed to overcome barriers to interstate power transmission for renewable energy, according to a report released Wednesday by the nation's two largest renewable energy industry associations. (Sustainable Business)

California’s Green Energy Spike
California quadrupled the amount of renewable energy it installed in 2008 over the previous year, according to a report released Wednesday by the state’s Public Utilities Commission. (Fortune)

U.S. Solar Installed Costs Fell Nearly 28% Over a Decade
In a new study, Berkeley Lab researchers found that commercial solar's installed costs are falling faster than residential ones, thanks to more lucrative incentives. The trend could be reversed as a result of changes in federal laws. (Green Tech Media)