Pulte Homes Tops in DOE Builders Challenge Program
Michigan home builder constructed 649 high-performance houses in 2008. (EcoHome)

Home Buyers Go Green to Cut Bills 
In an attempt to boost sales in a dismal market, home builders are turning to what has been one of the most overlooked aspects of a house: improving the way it uses energy. (The Wall Street Journal)

Google Debuts PowerMeter Energy Monitoring Tool
Google’s PowerMeter will collect information from utility meters and energy monitors, and provide easy access to energy statistics right from your iGoogle homepage. (Inhabitat)

Efficiency Alone Could Cut U.S. Electricity Use by 30%
An assessment of the "electric productivity" of the 50 states indicates that shoring up performance gaps through energy efficiency could not only cut consumption by 30%, but also eliminate the need for more than 60% of coal-fired generation, according to a new study by the Rocky Mountain Institute. (GreenBiz)

Green Makeover for Every Home in Britain by 2030
UK energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband announces “great British refurb” to cut household emissions one-third by 2020 with insulation and low-carbon technologies. (WorldChanging.com)

Green Depot Opens in Manhattan
Consumer-focused store is another sign the eco movement is moving mainstream. (The Wall Street Journal)

Clean-Tech Firms See Growth in Stimulus Bill
The Obama administration’s $789 billion stimulus bill, it seems, has injected a healthy dose of optimism into Silicon Valley. Certain provisions in the bill, including $30 billion for a smarter electricity grid and other energy efficient projects, as well a $20 billion in tax incentives for renewable energy and energy-efficient projects, has clean-tech firms gearing up for growth. (The New York Times)

Green Energy Not Cutting Europe's Carbon
Wind farms and solar panels are a European success story. But the dirty little secret is that using renewable energy isn't reducing carbon emissions. (BusinessWeek)

Green Companies Do Better During Downturn
A new study indicates that firms with "true commitment to sustainability" outperform industry peers in the financial markets. (GreenBiz)

World’s Biggest Solar Deal for Google-Backed Startup
While some solar companies struggle through the downturn, BrightSource Energy announced the world’s largest solar energy deal to date: a 20-year contract to supply Southern California Edison with 1,300 megawatts of greenhouse gas-free electricity. (Fortune)