Obama Pushes Energy Efficiency for Homes
It is easy to visualize the types of jobs needed to manufacture and maintain wind turbines and solar panels, two planks of President-Elect Obama’s green-energy platform. But what kinds of jobs might be generated by the drive for increased home energy efficiency? (New York Times)

Solar Power Industry Remains Hot in California
Despite the turbulent economy, or perhaps because of it, solar energy remains a growth industry in California. (EcoHome)

California House Rated One of Greenest
It began as a one-of-a-kind house to test the newest green-building techniques and turned into one of the greenest, most energy-efficient homes built in the United States. (Builder)

New Neighborhood Features Solar-Power Units
Pulte takes green housing to new heights by offering solar panels standard in its Villa Trieste development in Summerlin, Nev. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Cities Use Creative Lending for Energy Projects
Municipalities are experimenting with lending programs that help homeowners pay the upfront capital costs of green homes. (New York Times)

The Advantages of Green Consultants
Residential eco-advisers are in demand with American consumers. (Wall Street Journal)

CES Plugs Green Technology
The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will showcase green technology innovations. (Green Tech Media)