More Counties Implementing Green Building Regulations
AIA study reveals a nearly 400% increase in counties with laws mandating or incentivizing green building. (EcoHome Online)

Hundreds Achieve Certified Green Professional Status
The NAHB says 800 builders, remodelers, and other industry pros have earned the association's Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation, less than five months after the program was launched at the International Builders' Show in February. The count, which is expected to continue to climb, far surpasses the organization's unofficial goal of reaching 500 designees by the end of this year. (EcoHome Online)

Centex Adopts Energy Efficiency Standards
In an effort to keep costs down and create a unique selling proposition, Centex Homes will include a standard suite of energy-efficient features in all of its homes by January 2009. (Big Builder)

Insurer Rolls Out Green Coverage for Homeowners
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. unveiled a new insurance program that will cover the cost of rebuilding a home to green building standards. (BusinessWeek)

NAHB Urges Extension of Energy Efficiency Tax Credits 
Testifying before a House Small Business Committee hearing on "The Role of Green Technologies in Spurring Economic Growth," builder Andrea Lucke urged Congress to extend the New Energy Efficient Home Credit. Lucke called the tax credit "a key market incentive that shifts builders toward significant energy savings in new-home construction." (NAHB)

G-8 Vows to Halve Emissions by 2050 
At a summit in Japan, the leading industrial nations that make up the G-8 endorsed cutting world greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050 and called on all major countries to join the effort. Environmentalists, however, say the pledge is insufficient and that too little progress has been made since last year. (CNN)

A Better Solar Collector
MIT researchers have created sheets of glass coated with advanced organic dyes that more efficiently concentrate sunlight, a technology they say could eventually make solar power as cheap as electricity from fossil fuels. (MIT Technology Review)

Celebrity Neighbors Begley, Nye Carry Eco-Grudge 
Celebrities and environmentalists Ed Begley Jr. and Bill Nye, neighbors in Studio City, Calif., have matched wits over whose home can leave a smaller carbon footprint. (Yahoo News)