Survey: Green Construction Helps Builders Sell Houses in a Down Economy
McGraw-Hill/NAHB report states that builders say it is much easier to sell green houses than traditional ones. (EcoHome)

Historic Financial Bailout Legislation Extends Tax Credits for Renewable Energy
President Bush signs bill that contains $18 billion in energy tax credits for homeowners and businesses. (EcoHome)

Judge Puts Albuquerque's Green Code on Hold
Just days old, Albuquerque's new "green" building code is on hold again, and it may never be enforced. (Albuquerque Journal)

Program Trains Private Contractors and Remodelers to Perform Home Audits
A Kansas City-area program to make existing homes more energy-efficient relies on private contractors, such as home remodeling companies, to perform detailed energy audits. (Kansas City Star)

Carbon-Offset Sales Brisk Despite Financial Crisis
The Dow is down. Wall Street needs a bailout. But in the Washington area and across the country, there is still a bull market in environmental guilt. (Washington Post)

DOE Funds Research and Demonstration Projects to Promote Enhanced Geothermal Systems
With cost-share by the recipients, the public-private investments will be up to $78 million for projects ranging from an ultrasonic borehole televiewer to high-resolution micro-earthquake tools. (DOE)

Lockheed Martin to Test Creating Energy From Ocean's Heat
Lockheed Martin has been chosen to help commercialize a process that uses the difference in heat between shallow and deep water to provide energy. (GreenBiz)