City Lights Make Air Pollution Worse
A new study has found that bright city lights make air pollution worse because the glare of the lights interferes with chemical reactions that clean the air of pollution during the night. (

Government Pushes Solar Power in Six Western States
The Obama administration has proposed special energy zones on public lands deemed good locations to build utility-scale facilities to produce electricity from solar power. (Reuters)

What’s It Like to Live in a Passive House?
The owners of the first certified Passive House in the western United States share their experience building and living in the ultra-efficient dwelling. (Jetson Green) 

Report Says U.S. Is Vulnerable to Rare Earth Shortages
The United States is too reliant on China for minerals crucial to new clean energy technologies, making the American economy vulnerable to shortages of materials needed for a range of green products, from compact fluorescent light bulbs to electric cars to giant wind turbines. (The New York Times)

Southwest Virginia to Get Green Jobs
Two companies that make green building products will expand in Southwest Virginia, creating 140 jobs in one of the most economically depressed regions of the state. (Virginia Business)

Green Job Surge Yet to Materialize
The promise of green jobs has led to nationwide investments in green job training programs, but many of those programs have had disappointing results, with few candidates and a lack of quality jobs. (Reuters)

Vancouver Builder Using New Software to Track Climate Impact
Scott Construction is tracking its carbon footprint in a pilot project with Gobi Carbon Management Solutions, a startup company that has developed software for tracking emissions the way that home finance software tracks household expenditures. (The Vancouver Sun)

Chevy Volts Begin Shipping to Dealerships
Customers in California, Texas, Washington, D.C., and New York could receive the world’s first-and-only electric vehicle with extended-range capability in the next few days. (GM)

Study: LEED Buildings Make People Productive
Preliminary research from Michigan State University shows that employees working in buildings with LEED certification are less likely to suffer from asthma, allergies, and stress and more likely to report higher levels of productivity. (Michigan Live)

Survey: Consumers Warming to Efficient Lighting
The Osram Sylvania-sponsored survey found that consumer awareness around the law banning inefficient bulbs has grown over the past year. Compact florescent lights are the top choice for energy-efficient lighting but there's a high level of awareness for LEDs. (cnet)

Fellowships to Recognize Distinguished Green Building Professionals
First nomination period is open for GBCI's newly launched LEED Fellows program, celebrating exceptional accomplishments and contributions. (Custom Home)

Demand for Infill and Mixed-Use Projects Is Increasing
AIA architects report greater interest in smaller residential development close to transit and urban amenities. (Custom Home)

New Research Touts Insulated Concrete Forms’ Energy Efficiency
MIT releases preliminary findings from a year-long assessment of buildings' life cycle. (Builder)