Green Building Comes of Age
Competition, oil prices, and concerns about global warming have caused green building to go mainstream. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Obama Heads to Copenhagen, Sees Progress with China
The United States is making progress with China on outstanding issues overshadowing U.N. climate talks but cannot say whether a deal will result after President Barack Obama arrives in Copenhagen, officials said. (Reuters)

A Roundup of Cash-for-Appliance Programs
Fifty-one of the country’s 56 states and territories have won approval for their State Energy Appliance Rebate plans and received federal money, according to the Department of Energy. (The New York Times)

GE to Begin Building Smart Washers and Dryers
The smart-grid enabled GE Profile appliances--which can communicate with home energy management software and utility smart meters to reduce demand during peak usage times--will go into production in the third quarter of 2012. (Reliable Plant)

Obama Promotes Home Energy-Efficiency Spending
President Barack Obama called Tuesday for new federal incentives to make millions of homes more energy efficient. (Associated Press)

California County Approves Program to Boost Solar Energy
San Diego County supervisors approved a program that allows property owners to repay installation costs over 20 years through annual property-tax assessments. (North County Times)

LG Electronics Spars With Feds Over Energy Star Label
Agency decision could remove certain LG refrigerators from DOE's energy-efficiency program. (Builder)

Popularity of Infill Homes Is Up
According to a new AIA survey, the housing downturn combined with rising home energy and transportation costs is generating greater demand for smaller homes in or near urban centers with access to public transportation options. (Custom Home)

Answering the ‘Green Payback’ Question
Knowing how to answer clients' questions on energy and cost savings can make any remodeler look like a hero. (Remodeling)

Andres Duany on Smart Growth
A founding father of the Congress for New Urbanism talks about zoning reform, climate change, and the fate of greenfield development. (Builder)