Obama Administration Unveils Multi-Agency Energy Plan
A nearly $130 million, multi-agency program to spur U.S. economic growth while making buildings more energy efficient was unveiled by the Obama administration. (United Press International)

Philadelphia Launches 'Coolest Block' Contest
Philadelphia has set its sights on becoming the greenest city in the nation with a contest that invites rowhome owners to enter to win energy-saving cool roof, air sealing, and insulation upgrades for their entire block. (PR Newswire)

New Association to Support, Promote Green Building Products
The Green Roundtable/NEXUS has launched the Green Product Association (GPA) to advance the sustainability of building products and help manufacturers promote their products. (GreenBiz.com)

Seattle-Area Green Homes Outselling the Rest of the Market
Thanks to better marketing, environmentally certified homes are attracting more interest from buyers. (Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce)

Green Home on Display at Vancouver's Olympics
The Home of the Future was built using recycled shipping containers that are wrapped in cedar cladding and pine beetlewood and features solar panels, a hybrid water heater, smart appliances, an electric vehicle charging station, and an energy management system. (USA Today)

More Companies Offering Green Home Plans
Chic, ready-made green-home designs are now available--some at no costeven ones so efficient they can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. (USA Today)

Performance Slippage an Issue for Green Rating Programs
Increased interest in green building certification has generated increased scrutiny. Are these green buildings ultimately performing? And at what cost are these measures being implemented? (Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce)

USGBC Says No Such Thing as ‘LEED Decertification’
The USGBC has refuted claims that it has the power to “decertify” an existing LEED-certified development. (Multifamily Executive)

20 Builders Lauded for Energy-Efficient Projects
Annual EnergyValue Housing Awards acknowledge high-performance homes. (EcoHome)

New System Seeks to Standardize Green Audits for Affordable Housing
Ecologically minded protocol aims to provide owners and lenders of affordable housing guidance in underwriting the retrofitting of these properties. (EcoHome)