California Cities to Tap Bonds for Green Building Loans
A new green financing program puts banks together with cities or other local governments to provide loans to property owners to replace windows, doors, and other materials to cut their energy and water use as well as install renewable energy systems like rooftop solar panels. (The Wall Street Journal)

The Rise of Green Modular Homes
According to the NAHB, only 2% to 3% of homes built in the United States today are modular, but all four demonstration homes displayed at the Builders’ Show were smaller, greener prefab structures. (The New York Times)

For Hawaii, Push to Go Green Is Natural
Watch out, California: The tiny Aloha State is gunning for the title of the nation's green energy capital by aiming to obtain 70% of its total energy needs from clean sources within 20 years. (The Los Angeles Times)

Green Technology and Design to be Featured at Green Gadgets Show
The conference will take place on Feb. 25 in New York City. (The Wall Street Journal)

Northwest Power Plan: No Coal, More Efficiency 
Regional energy planners say improved efficiency, conservation, wind power, and gas will help the Pacific Northwest meet electricity demand over the next 20 years without adding extra coal. (The Seattle Times)

Pennsylvania Utilities Plan for Energy Efficiency
Three power companies are planning to roll out substantial customer programs geared toward energy efficiency and peak-use reduction, including home energy audits, appliance turn-ins, and HVAC incentives. (Renew Grid Magazine)

San Francisco to Offer $150 Million in Loans for Green Retrofits
The city’s GreenFinanceSF program will lend money to homes and businesses for water conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency projects. The loans will be repaid through property taxes. (Inhabitat)