Green Builders Find That Location Matters
If you plop a green building in the middle of nowhere, is it still green? The green buildings movement is taking a new direction with the development of computer models that go beyond measuring a building's carbon footprint and attempt to quantify the amount of energy people consume to reach that building. (LA Times)

New Orleans City Council Approves Solar Panel for French Quarter Home
The vote marks the first such effort in the historic neighborhood, long considered the final frontier for solar and other energy-efficient technologies to take hold in the rebuilding city. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Solar Combo Generator Heats and Powers
A new type of solar thermal system for homes that can provide heat, hot water, and electricity is being tested in Boulder, Colo., over the next few months. (CNET News)

Builders, Consumers See Green Homes Becoming More Affordable
While green homes are generally perceived as expensive to build or purchase, a recent Whirlpool Corp. survey found that consumers and builders believe that reduced prices on building materials will help these homes become more affordable. (PR Newswire)

Opinion: Can a Green-Rated Mega House Truly be Green?
Even at the highest levels of sustainability and efficiency, is it reasonable to label huge homes “green”? (

Home Builders See Green Prefab Potential
The prefab market, once derided as the lowly world of double-wide trailers, is positioning itself for major growth when the housing industry rebounds. (USA Today)

Leases Make Solar More Affordable
Companies across the country are increasingly offering homeowners the option of leasing a rooftop solar array, and installers say orders are soaring from customers looking to avoid the $12,000-plus cost. (CNBC)

Novel Approach Leads to Brighter, More Efficient LEDs
For phosphor-based LEDs to continue their current trend of displacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, makers of these small semiconductor-based lights are looking to continue improvements in energy efficiency, increase longevity, and reduce glare. (Scientific American)

Asia Strives to Increase Energy Efficiency
Measures are being taken around Asia to cope with the massive increases in demand for energy expected in the next 20 years due in part to growing Chinese and Indian middle classes. (Gulf News)

California's Green Jobs Continue to Grow Amidst the Economic Downturn
California's unemployment rate has hovered around 12.4% for almost a year. But a new report shows that green jobs continued to grow amid the downturn. (The San Jose Mercury News)

300,000 Homes Weatherized Under Recovery Act
Energy-upgrade assistance program estimated to save low-income households $161 million per year. (EcoHome)

Energy Labels a Powerful Tool for New Homes and Retrofits
Like a car’s MPG rating, a national metric for home performance is essential for new homes and energy retrofits, Builders’ Show speaker says. (EcoHome)

Dealer Groups Help Launch Product Verification Program
The new Claim Check program is designed to ensure that manufacturers can back up their product claims. (ProSales)