Southwest Builders Hope Green Features Will Trump Price
With new-home sales sluggish and foreclosures driving down prices, builders looking to distinguish their product from the large resale inventory have beefed up energy-saving features in their homes. (Arizona Daily Star)

California May Require Net-Zero Houses by 2020
In the next nine years, California regulators want builders to make new houses so energy-efficient that on balance, they consume no energy at all. (The North County Times)

New Bulb to Hit the Market
Switch Lighting hopes consumers will dump their fluorescents and incandescents for the company’s amazing new LED bulb. (Slate)

Energy Chief Defends Light Bulb Standards
Energy Secretary Steven Chu defended a series of light bulb efficiency standards that are coming under attack from House Republicans. (The Hill)

The Home Depot to Begin Selling Wind Turbines at Select Locations
The big-box retailer has teamed up with Southwest Windpower, a leading manufacturer of personal wind generators, to make the SkyStream 3.7 wind turbine available for purchase at select locations throughout the western United States (Custom Home)

Solar Decathlon Team, Habitat Break Ground on Passive House Duplex
The homes will consume up to 90% less energy than a typical home. (EcoHome)

New Decking Made with Plastic and Wheat Straw
Manufacturer says Terra line of deck and fence boards is stronger and ecologically friendlier than competing wood-plastic composite materials. (EcoHome)