California Files Suit Over Energy Loan Program
California Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a lawsuit against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their federal regulator over their opposition to a home energy-improvement program backed by the Obama administration. (The Wall Street Journal)

Energy Efficiency Is the New Green Marketing Tool
U.S. home builders used to brandish their environmentalist bona fides to lure customers but now they are focusing less on green and more on greenbacks, introducing energy-efficient features they say will convince customers to buy a new rather than a used home by saving them money. (Reuters)

Malibu, Calif., Looks Toward New Green Building Standards
New residential buildings would be required to exceed the state's energy code by 15%. (The Malibu Times)

Solar Included in New California Luxury Homes
Toll Bros. is building its first solar homes, in Yorba Linda, which feature PV panels that are integrated into roof tiles. (The Orange County Register)

Zeta Communities Gets a Boost for Net-Zero Modular Green Homes
The San Francisco-based startup announced a $5 million venture capital investment that brings its total funding to $10 million. (Fast Company)

Building Star Program to Target Apartment Retrofits
A commercial equivalent to the Home Star initiative, the federal legislation seeks to provide rebates and low-interest loans to business and apartment building owners who install energy-saving materials and products. (Home Channel News)

Oregon Trims Tax Credits for Residential Solar Panels
The state’s solar installers say a rule quietly enacted by a state agency July 1 cuts a crucial tax credit, boosting costs of rooftop residential energy production. (Oregonian)

Study Shows Solar Power Costs Less Than Nuclear
A Durham advocacy group contends that solar power already is cheaper than electricity generated by new nuclear plants and will be cheaper still in the future. (The News and Observer)

Alex Wilson Selected for the 2010 Hanley Award
Annual $50,000 award from The Hanley Foundation and EcoHome recognizes visionary environmental building editor, educator, and advocate. (EcoHome)

Smart Meters Alone Not Enough to Reduce Energy Use
Combining advanced metering at the utility with feedback systems in the home provides the necessary motivation—and information—to help consumers change their behavior. (Custom Home)