Builders Hope Green Homes Stand Out in Dismal Market
As the housing slump enters its sixth year, both small companies and huge production builders are using green marketing as a weapon in the battle for buyers who have their pick of low-priced existing properties. (Bloomberg)

Study: Housing Crash Is Hurting the Green Home Movement
Green costs more, and today's already-skittish potential home buyers are not willing to shell out more cash for a greener standard of living, according to a new survey. (CNBC)

Bill Takes on Roadblocks to PACE Home Loans
Under a new bill, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the federal government-sponsored corporations that back a majority of U.S. home mortgages, would be forced to stop blocking the state and local programs that offer low-cost energy efficiency loans. (

EPA Updates Energy Star Rules 
The Environmental Protection Agency is updating Energy Star requirements for home dishwashers and furnaces, as part of 20 revisions to product requirements expected this year. (Environmental Leader)

New Home Solar Power Calculator Helps Estimate Payback
One Block Off the Grid's new solar power tool offers a precise estimate for return on investment. (The Daily Green)