Senate to Opt for Narrow Energy Bill
Democratic leaders in the Senate say they have abandoned hope of passing a sweeping energy bill this summer and will opt for a far more limited one focusing on responding to the Gulf oil spill and energy efficiency. (The New York Times)

AT&T Gets Back Into Solar
The telecom giant announced a deal with Petra Solar in which the two companies will join forces to promote Petra's SunWave solar modules, which will communicate to utilities over AT&T's wireless networks. (GreenTechMedia)

Strain on U.S. Water Supplies Will Increase Dramatically by Mid-Century, Report Shows
A report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that climate change is projected to drive high to extreme water-supply risk in one-third of U.S. counties by 2050. (The Nature Conservancy)

Oregon Readies for Home Charging of Electric Vehicles
To support the roll-out of electric vehicles, the state’s Department of Consumer and Business Services has made the permitting process for home charging units cheaper and easier. (The Statesman Journal)

DOE Announces $30 Million for Energy-Efficient Housing Partnerships
The agency announced 15 research and deployment partnerships to help improve the energy efficiency of American homes and address barriers to bringing high-efficiency housing within reach for all Americans. (Real Estate Rama)

California Dwelling First Passive House Retrofit in Nation
The airtight remodel was accomplished with, among other things, superior insulation, triple-glazed windows, and an energy recovery ventilation system. (Jetson Green)

Solar Energy on the Rise in Ohio
The American Municipal Power of Columbus solar project would be one of the largest in the country, but the company has no experience with utility-scale solar projects. (The Columbus Dispatch)