Feds Get Green on Mortgage Financing
A new generation of energy-efficient mortgages is being rolled out by HUD, starting with Federal Housing Administration loans that offer 5% larger mortgage amounts to homeowners who plan to undertake energy-efficiency improvements. (NewsTimes.com)

Water-Saving Fixtures Required in New Los Angeles Buildings
A law passed by the City Council will require new buildings to have low-flow faucets, toilets, urinals, showerheads, and other plumbing devices. (The Los Angeles Times)

Home Energy Control Developer Gains Funding
Start-up iControl Networks has raised $23 million to further develop its home security system that also allows consumers to control home energy through the Web and mobile devices, including the iPhone. (CNET news)

Atlanta’s Green Building Ordinance To Be Debated
On July 28, a City Council committee will discuss the city’s long-planned “sustainable building ordinance” that dictates green-building standards for new construction. (CreativeLoafing)

Solar Manufacturers Look to Automation
Solar energy is frequently touted for its job creation potential, but for solar manufacturers, machines—not employees—may be the key to their long-term survival. (The New York Times)

Modular Builders Sell Homes With Environmental Features
Some makers of factory-built homes are trying to make market inroads by pitching their products as "greener" and move-in-ready sooner than those built the traditional way. For example, Tennessee-based Clayton Homes’ “i-house” models include cisterns to collect rainwater, sophisticated climate-control systems, and tankless water heaters. (The Atlanta Journal and Constitution)

Construction Tours Promote Green Building
A Michigan builder takes curious consumers behind the drywall for a different kind of model tour. (Builder)

Six States and Puerto Rico Receive $162 Million for State Energy Programs
Funds will help promote energy efficiency and clean-energy deployment, as well as to support local economic recovery. (EcoHome)

Measuring the Influence of Green Sector is Tricky
Some people think the "green revolution" is going to be the next wave of innovation similar to what has happened with the Web, but judging the impact on the economy won’t be easy. (The Richmond Times-Dispatch)

The Future of Canadian Home Buying: Energy Savings
According to a new survey, nine out of 10 buyers in the country will be looking for energy-efficient features in their next home. (metronews.ca)

Energy Efficiency Means Business for Maine Contractors
Around the state, new-home construction has been relatively flat for about two years while energy efficiency improvement work is a growing field, says Gary Jordan, president of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Maine. (Penn Energy)

Europe Adopts Tighter Energy Efficiency Requirements
The new regulations will improve the energy efficiency of industrial motors, heating system circulators, televisions, refrigerators, and freezers. (Energy Efficiency News)