Most Green Builders Don’t Market Sustainable Aspects of Their Homes
Although home builders have the opportunity to make a huge impact on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing global warming, very few mention it in their sales pitches. (The Washington Post)

Green Rating Systems: Which One is Right for You?
Different green rating systems solve or create different problems depending on who’s using them and what they hope to get out of them. (Environmental Leader)

California Still Has Lots of Cash for Energy-Efficient Appliances
Some thought California’s federal stimulus program for efficient appliances might run out of money within hours as it did in other states, but the state energy commission still has two-thirds of the money, nearly $20 million, to give away. (

Home Star Program to Get Senate Vote
The Senate will likely vote within the next 10 days on a scaled-back energy bill that includes rebates worth up to $8,000 for homeowners who do energy efficient retrofits. Senate Harry Reid’s bill also aims to boost oil spill liability and natural gas-powered vehicles but does not cap industrial greenhouse gas emissions. (USA Today)

Survey Names Stars of Sustainability
The 2010 DesignIntelligence Sustainable Design Survey identifies role models of sustainable design and tracks how architecture/engineering/construction firms are applying sustainability in their practice. (residential architect)

Energy Star to Raise Gas Water Heater Criteria
This fall, the EPA program will increase its minimum Energy Factor for gas storage water heaters from 0.62 to 0.67. (EcoHome)