Record Set for Green Homes Certified in Florida
The Florida Green Building Coalition, a membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainable building, announced that "Florida Green" home certifications for 2011 recently hit 750 for the year, setting a new annual all-time high. (

California Adopts First Standards for Cyber Security of Smart Meters
California regulators have adopted the nation's first sweeping privacy rules for household smart meters that form the backbone of the growing "green" grid, vowing to protect consumers from cyber attacks that could steal energy usage data and other private information. (International Business Times)

The Dangerous Side of Solar and Wind Power Projects
Building and maintaining solar and wind power projects can be hazardous, and industry watchdogs worry that the push for more green energy places more workers and bystanders in harm's way. (The Los Angeles Times)

USGBC Launches Greenbuild Campaign
Participants can submit their green building ideas via the Greenbuild NEXT video campaign. (Mother Nature Network)

IgCC Version 2.0 Public Comment Period Ends Aug. 12
Comments on the latest versions of the International Green Construction Code are due Aug. 12, and will be followed by final action hearings in November 2011. (Eco-Structure)

Philips Brings Home Prize for Efficient LED Lamp
The Department of Energy today awarded Philips' 60-watt equivalent LED bulb with the first L Prize for energy-efficiency lighting. (

New Venue Sought for Solar Decathlon
DOE is considering new site for 2013 competition. (EcoHome)

Green Homes Sell for More, Studies Show
New research reflects a steady increase in the public’s understanding of the value of green building features. (EcoHome)

Energy Retrofit Loans Get Few Takers in Pennsylvania
The loans can pay for energy-saving products such as heat pumps, central air conditioning, boilers, furnaces, sealing and insulation, and programmable thermostats.