EPA Changes Lead Paint Enforcement Deadline
The EPA announced changes to the Renovation Repair and Painting Rule’s firm certification requirement, saying it will not take enforcement action for violations of the rule until Oct. 1, 2010. (EcoHome)

Green Certifications Worldwide to Rise 780 Percent in 10 years 
Around the world, the cumulative building space declared a level of green by dozens of certification programs is currently 6 billion square feet; by 2020, the figure will reach about 53 billion square feet, a Pike Research study predicts. (EcoHome)

Finland’s Luukku House Wins Architecture Prize at Solar Decathlon 
Finland’s stunning wood-clad Luukku House won first place in the architecture portion of the European Solar Decathlon. Given its importance in Finnish design and architecture, wood is showcased throughout the passive solar house. (Inhabitat)

Compact Florescent Bulb Nutrition Label Approved
The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed nutrition-style label for compact fluorescent bulbs has been approved and will take effect in mid 2011. The label will show vital statistics and should make it easier to compare bulbs. (Treehugger)

Sustainable Industries Names Top 10 Green Building Products 
Sustainable Industries published its 2010 Top 10 list of green building products. This year, the judges took special interest in products that reuse resources or reduce energy.   (JetsonGreen)

California Green Home Draws Protests About Solar Panel Glare 
Some Newport Beach, Calif. residents are protesting after neighbors installed large solar panels on their home overlooking the bay. This is the family’s dream green home, but the 168 solar panels are creating intense glare. (Los Angeles Times)

Energy Issues Reverberate Across Virginia's Political Landscape 
Virginia's most competitive congressional races are increasingly focused on the same issue -- energy. But that's where the similarities end. (Washington Post)

Factory-Built Homes Have Fast Construction Nailed Down 
Manufactured houses are outnumbered by conventional stick-built homes, but they offer many advantages to the builder and the buyer.  (Chicago Tribune)

DOE Aims to Make Low-E Windows a Must-Have 
Energy Department officials are trying to propel low-emissivity (low-E) windows to popularity by bringing down prices. (New York Times)