Washington Builders Sue to Stop Green Law
Just days after the Building Industry Association of Washington filed a federal court lawsuit to stop new green regulations for the construction of new homes, Governor Chris Gregoire asked the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) to delay implementation of the new energy code for nine months. (King5.com)

Business Leaders Push for More Clean Energy Spending
General Electric Co.’s Jeffrey Immelt and Microsoft Corp.’s Bill Gates called for the U.S. government to more than triple its spending on clean energy research and development to $16 billion a year. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Report Names 10 Most Costly Appliances
The average U.S. household will spend about $2,160 this year on home energy; here's how the average annual utility bill is broken down by appliance. (walletpop.com)

Energy Star to Improve Efficiency of Water Heaters
Energy Star will tighten their gas storage water heater criteria this fall as news breaks of the increasing price of crude. (Business Review USA)

Delaware’s Green Builders to Receive State Incentives      
The Home Builders Association of Delaware and state officials have created a program that offers cash incentives for homes certified to the National Green Building Standard. (NAHB)

California Town to be 85% Powered by Solar
Like many small towns with vast swaths of land, Nipton, on the edge of the Mojave Desert, is turning to renewable energy. (Los Angeles Times)

New Philadelphia Program to Offer Solar Leasing
Homeowners and small businesses would be able to forgo the significant upfront costs associated with buying a solar-energy system and instead make monthly payments of about $120 over the 15-year life of the standard lease. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

DOE Rule Clarification Could Eliminate Some Multi-Head Shower Systems
Rule interpretation would clarify the term “showerhead,” require entire systems to meet 2.5-gpm flow maximums. (EcoHome)

Beazer Adds Solar Leasing Option to Homes in Phoenix
A new option for the builder’s eSMART green-home program allows buyers to reap some of the utility-saving benefits of solar power without paying the upfront installation costs. (EcoHome)

HUD Grants to Require LEED for Neighborhood Development
The newly released LEED-ND will be used to score the location efficiency of HUD grant applications. (EcoHome)

Home Star Bill Moves on to Senate
Supporters of the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 say the initiative would spur construction activity, grow the energy efficiency retrofit market, and help homeowners. (Custom Home)

Habitat for Humanity's ReStores Get Online Storefronts
Through a unique partnership with a free construction classifieds website, many of Habitat for Humanity's local ReStores—purveyors of new and gently used construction and home improvement materials—have established online storefronts that allow them to reach beyond their local marketplaces to sell products. (Custom Home)