Nation’s First Remodeling Guidelines Announced
REGREEN guidelines from the American Society of Interior Designers and the U.S. Green Building Council can be applied to small- and full-scale renovations. (Green Products and Technology Online)

Local Initiatives Support Corp. Launches Green Development Center
The program will provide guidance and resources for sustainable buildings and homes. (Green Products and Technology Online)

Nevada’s First Solar Community Launched                                                                                                 Concordia Homes, a Henderson, Nev.-based builder, unveiled three model homes in Sommerset, a 48-home development that is poised to become the first solar-powered residential community in the state. (Builder Online)

Report: Building Green Will Cut Emissions Fast
Green construction could cut North America's climate-warming emissions faster and more cheaply than any other measure, environmental experts from Canada, Mexico, and the United States say. (Reuters UK Online)

Utah Builder Says Green Homes Will Offset Utility Bills
Southern Utah developer Aaron Needham is building zero-energy houses–homes he believes will offset utility bills and give cash back to owners over the years. (The Salt Lake Tribune Online)

Ecoterror Attack Brings Rural Housing Issue to the Forefront      
When ecoterrorists torched a pocket of multi-million-dollar luxury houses near rural Echo Lake in Snohomish County, Wash., it highlighted an ongoing debate over how to keep suburbia from shifting into rural areas. (HeraldNet)

New Mets Stadium Will Be Green                                                                                                                   Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets that is rising next door to Shea Stadium in Queens, is being built with recycled steel and cement made with coal combustion products, which reduces carbon emissions. The ballpark, set to open in 2009, will use energy-efficient lights and feature bathrooms with automatic hands-free faucets, automatic flush toilets, and waterless urinals. (Newsday Online)